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Membership Available Now !!!

* Membership Fee : 800 Baht / Year  Start from January 1, 2016

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Benefits :

       Member is entitled to get good save on room.
Terms & Conditions :

    * Membership Fee is 800 baht / year
    * No Membership Card to carry. It's an Online Membership. Just log-in to book room.
    * Call to book room by specifying user name is also possible when internet access is not available
    * Membership Fee is to pay on the first visit to the Hotel before claiming benefit of Membership Rates
    * Membership Period is 1 year starting from subscription date, not the membership fee payment date.
      ( They may not be the same day if subscription is done on the Hotel website )
    * Discount is only for regular room rates, cannot be used with other special promotions.
    * Membership rates will be applied only when reservation is made directly to the Hotel.

 Cancellation of Membership :

The Hotel may cancel membership of any member in the following cases ;

    * The member has failed to comply with the terms and conditions of accommodations at Hill Fresco.
    * The member has failed to pay any bill of Hill Fresco.